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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. Signing up, getting verified, and starting to sell is completely free.

At FairPay, we only make money when you sell and never ask you to pay for anything.

Whenever a fee is due, we will remove it from your earnings directly and in total transparency.

You can see the complete list of our fees on the pricing page.

Joining FairPay is quick and easy: you can start selling within a few hours.

Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up & create your FairPay account for free
  2. Upload your ID documents - they are verified live
  3. Create 2 products for us to review
  4. Our team verifies your account, and activates it
  5. That's it - you can easily sell to your fans worldwide. Enjoy!

Of course, remember to add a payout method, so you receive your earnings weekly :)

Selling with FairPay is very easy and earns you more money.

The way we see it, when you send your customers to a website you should not have to pay a 20% cut: that is only fair when a website sends customers to you.

Could you imagine people signing up to AirBnB, sending their customers over, and having to pay more than 20% for the 'services'?

If your customer pays you $100 via FairPay, you will earn $92.2. That is only a 7.8% cut, and your earnings are chargeback protected.

We try to have specific product pages for everything adult web entrepreneurs sell. We support recurring payments (daily, weekly, & monthly).

Today, you can:

  • Sell live shows
  • Sell videos & photosets
  • Sell social media unblocks
  • Receive donations & tributes
  • Sell form accesses (e.g., a slave application form)

Please note that we are currently unable to support the following:

  • Selling access to a video catalog via subscription (e.g., what Netflix does)
  • Selling access to a private social media feed via subscription (e.g., what OnlyFans does)

If you feel we missed some critical products or are unsure whether you can sell what you have in mind, please hit that chat bubble in the bottom right!

Please note that everything sold on FairPay must abide by our terms and our Content Policy.

Please be aware that we designed FairPay to be the most lucrative platform for you to send your customers.

FairPay will only send a few new customers your way (thanks to the

How much you make depends largely on your audience size and how many regular customers you have.

Some (rare) people working with FairPay make tens of thousands of dollars a month. Most people make between $500 and $1,500 per month (and work on multiple other sites in parallel).

At launch, FairPay will only process Card Payments. Whenever possible, FairPay requests 3D Secure payments from customers and protects you from chargebacks.

3D Secure payment is when you typically need your phone for these to confirm that it was indeed you trying to pay. Usually, confirmation is done on the phone or by entering a code you receive via text message.

Some rare card owners may be unable to confirm 3D Secure payments (for legit reasons). If that is the case with your customer, we will let you know in real-time.

People in the industry often question the viability of our business model.

They fear this new website is too good to be true, won't last, and may lose their earnings. We get it.

So how can FairPay make it? It boils down to a few key things:

  • First, FairPay is profitable on every transaction. Our gross margin is only a few percent, though. Other adult companies are easily in the 10-15% range.
  • A few percent can seem small, but from a mainstream business perspective, a few percent is quite a lot.
  • We're not greedy. We prefer building something nice and being profitable in the long run.
  • We have investors. We've had investors from day 1. This money allows us to invest in efficient tooling.
  • We use modern technologies. We leverage AIs the best we can to run things efficiently.
  • We're frugal. The founding team has all the skills necessary to create & operate FairPay. We live in relatively inexpensive countries.

Please hit that chat bubble in the bottom right if you want to know more. We're happy to answer all your questions.

Drop us a message and see our quality support for yourself!

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