All the FairPay fees are listed here

Transaction Fees

Service Fee

Customers pay the service fee. It appears when they review their shopping cart.

On US Dollar transactions, the service fee is $0.70 + 2.5% of the shopping cart (same in Euro for Euro transactions).

Read more in our Help Center.

Payment Processing Fee

FairPay only processes Card Payments.

The payment processing fee is 5% for 3D Secure transactions and 8% for non-3DS transactions.

Read more in our Help Center.

$100 sale example:
  • You sell $100 content to a customer
  • The service fee is $3.20, and your customer pays $103.20 in total
  • The 3DS payment processing fee is $5, and you make $95
  • In total, you make more than 92% of the money spent by your customer!

Payout Fees

Transfer Fee

We may charge you a transfer fee when we issue your payout.

The transfer fee depends on your payout method and is kept at a minimum to cover our costs.

Read more in our Help Center.

Conversion Fee

If we have to convert currencies to send your payout, we charge a 1.5% conversion fee.

However, we provide you with the best rate possible (directly from our supplier). FairPay does not make money by giving mediocre exchange rates.

Read more in our Help Center.

Let's review a payout example together:
  • You earned $250 and 250€, and you want to be paid out in Euros via SEPA transfer.
  • Let's assume a rate of 1 EUR = 1 USD to keep it simple
  • We charge you a conversion fee of $3.75 and your $250 converts to 246.25€
  • Our SEPA transfer fee is 0.80€, so you receive 495.45 Euros!

FairPay only costs you about 9% of your sales.

Other Fees

Refund Fee

When we have to refund one of your transactions, we charge a $3 or 3€ refund fee.

This fee covers our administrative costs and what we must pay the bank.

Read more in our Help Center.