All the products you need

With FairPay, you can sell more than 10 different products

We strive to support all the products sold by adult web entrepreneurs

If you're selling it, we want to support it! Please get in touch with us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Supported Products

Supported Products
  • Donations and tributes
  • Videos (prerecorded)
  • Custom videos
  • Coming soon: Live shows
  • Coming soon: Photosets
  • Coming soon: Phone sex
  • Coming soon: Sexting
  • Coming soon: Forms (e.g., slave application form)
  • Coming soon: Social media unblock
  • Coming soon: File download (e.g., designs and templates)

We make it super easy for you to sell.

Unsupported products

Social media feed access (what Onlyfans does)

Currently, you cannot operate a product similar to what Onlyfans does.

Content catalog access (what Netflix does)

It is not currently possible to sell access to a catalog of videos you own via FairPay.

Physical goods

It is not currently possible to sell physical goods using FairPay: you cannot sell DVDs, panties, socks, or anything you need to ship to customers.