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FairPay.network adult marketplace

Be discovered on FairPay.network

Customers can discover your store on our marketplace FairPay.network

Get more customers

FairPay is primarily for processing payments from your customers. However, we're also bringing new customers to you.

Customer search

Customers can search via many criteria about physique, sexual interests & tags. It makes it easy for them to find you.

Join FairPay and get more customers.

Only pay a fee for new customers

A new customer is someone who never bought directly from you.

At FairPay, when you send a customer our way, that customer is yours for life.

When a customer is yours, you never pay any additional fees, and you are sure of getting the best commission on all their purchases.

However, when we bring you new customers, we charge a Traffic Source Fee on their purchases until they become yours.

This Traffic Source Fee allows us to have a marketing budget to promote FairPay, increase traffic, and get you new customers.

You are encouraged to turn new customers into yours. Just make a direct sale, and they become yours for life.

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