Easy International Payments

Sell to your fans in a quick and secure way

1. Create

Make product pages in seconds to sell your videos, live shows, receive donations, and more.

2. Share

Share your FairPay.to/username links with your customers so they can easily take a look and purchase.

3. Sell

We handle payment processing and content delivery and protect you from most chargebacks.

Easily sell to all your fans

Stop juggling various payment methods. Save time; earn more.

No matter where your customers are, they can easily purchase with FairPay in US Dollars or Euros if they have a credit or prepaid card.

No need to give away 20% of your income, ask for gift cards, or risk it with PayPal. Just share your FairPay links and sell.

Selling to your fans made easy and cheap.

Recurring payments

Offer daily, weekly, and monthly subscriptions. Read more.

Chargeback protection

Don't worry about fraud; we make it our problem. Read more.

Free store page

Free & easy to use page to share all your products at once. Read more.